Aca’s Libbie African Violet – (2) Cut Leaves



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“Fresh Cut Leaves”

Aca’s Libbie (J. Brownlie). Single to semidouble pink flowers with red edge. Green, white and cream foliage. Semi-mini.

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Aca’s Libbie (J. Brownlie). Single to semidouble pink flowers with red edge. Green, white and cream foliage. Semi-mini.

The (2) fresh cut leaves come in a plastic jewelers bag. All of our plants are grown using aquaponics as a primary source of fertilizer.  Our African Violets are given extra room to grow both vertical and horizontal.  We do not crowd our plants together to increase volume.  All “Live Plant” African Violets come with our African Violet Premium Soil Less Mix.  We treat our plants “for sale” with the same meticulous care that we give to our “show plants”.  Our focus in on quality rather than quantity.  It costs more to operate this way, but our African Violets are worth it!

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Acceptable Damage:  It is normal for a little mix to come loose in the package during shipping.  And occasionally a couple leaves might get damaged.  We carefully pack plants individually to prevent from such damage. As long as the pot and the core structure of the plant are not harmed, loose mix and a couple broken leaves are deemed  “Acceptable Damage”.  If a plant arrives and it is beyond what we deem acceptable, please contact us.  We will issue an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) upon receiving a picture of the plant, the box and the shipping label.

Aca's Libbie African violet

We are proud members of the American Violet Society of America (

African Violet Society of America

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