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We’re on eBay!

We are excited to announce that we are listing our products on eBay.  We will have some African Violets for auction as well as for “Buy It Now”.  We are committed to bringing you the very best sim-miniatures and miniature African Violets.


This decision was a long, thought out process for us.  We had originally worked diligently on our own WooCommerce shopping cart.  It was beautiful in every way.  However, the existing market and immediate traction we received on eBay was far better than anticipated.

We felt that we could only focus on one platform and provide the same quality and attention our customers deserve and expect.

Due to growing limitations on eBay, we are currently offering ONLY live plants on eBay.  Our growth path is to include cut leaves, plastic pots, and then our water wicking trays.  For now, those items can still be purchased on the site by navigating HERE.

If there is something you do not see available, have seen/ordered in the past fill out our REQUEST FORM.  We can let you know if or when it will be available.

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